Susanna Hall


Female plumber and heating engineer based in Hemel Hempstead

Mob: 07876 211326   Tel: 01442 251228   Email: [email protected]

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I am a University of Edinburgh BSc. Engineering graduate and have spent all of my career in technical/engineering roles.  


My first job was in holography in Manhattan, USA, but I soon made the decision to work in the film and video industry. I worked as a film electrician and grip on a variety of sets:feature films, music videos, industrial shoots, commercials, documentaries &c., involving interesting projects and travels.

Staff jobs held during my time in New York (1987 - 1994) included stage managing, mobile broadcast vehicle construction, and technician for 1125 Productions - one of the leading pioneers of High Definition video at the time - during which we were based in the infamous Ed Sullivan Theatre on Broadway.

I worked for a broadcast video rental company too, where I began my interest in maintenance and repair of equipment and technical instruction for clients.


On my return to the UK I worked in the engineering department of a broadcast video rental company based in North London. as well as repair, maintenance and testing of equipment,  we handled specialist projects - we made some of the first “cricket stump cams”, racing car cameras, “elephant-cams” and “cat-cams”  to name but a few, and rented various amphibious/underwater camera housings.  (The first stirrings of my need to control water?!?!)


My next job was with the 24/7 live news broadcast company, Associated Press, working in the engineering department supporting in-house facilities and departments, and film crews based in international bureaux and crews in the field covering current news and events.


thermostatic radiator valves (TRV’s)

power flushing (latest Kamco© equipment)

heating problems

hot water cylinders

bathroom and kitchen fittings

outside garden taps

............all manner of leaks and drips!

In 2003 my home of three years in Hemel Hempstead was flooded due to a plumbing fault and the damage was extensive. I was not very happy with the work done by contractors, and this coincided with the broadcast industry becoming digital and therefore computerised.  Unhappy with my decreasing role of “hands-on” repair work, I began evening courses in plumbing and by 2004 joined British Gas, training as a service fitter.  By 2007, I was apprenticing with a firm of plumbing and heating engineers based in Watford which was the most valuable experience of all, and set up as a sole trader in 2009.


Qualifications I picked up along the way are an NVQII in Electronic Servicing, an NVQII in Domestic Gas and commission to the British Territorial Army (Royal and Mechanical Engineers) .